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EXCLUSIVE: Grocers Not Ready for the Next Crisis, Survey Finds

Progressive Grocer readers say retailers need more emergency planning, training
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New GroceryTech Event in Search of Engaging, Expert Speakers

Progressive Grocer and RIS News accepting speaker suggestions for 1st-of-its-kind event
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Wakefern Names Mike Stigers Co-op’s Next President

Cub CEO succeeding current prez Joe Sheridan when he retires
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What’s in my Basket and What’s your Number?

Omniscient Grocers harness ubiquitous computing, interconnected devices, and pervasive intelligence to become a new kind of grocer. One who is everywhere. One who is aware, with growing interest across many industries in the latest breakthroughs in generative AI, a new era where humans and intelligent systems work side-by-side to create new experiences, services and business outcomes.

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Moving Beyond Digital: The Next Era for Grocers

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