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February 2021
This digital edition is brought to you by Tyson Star Ranch Angus.


  • 2021 Outstanding Independents: Recognizing 21 grocers that rose to the occasion during challenging times
  • Retailer Deep Dive: Amazon advances food agenda and retail ranking
  • Special Report: What you should know about PPE and sanitation
  • Protein: Beefing up sales 

...and more.  


  • Retailer Profile: Lowes Foods President Tim Lowe offers perspective on the super regionals
  • Nonfoods: 6 ways to win the new beauty shopper
  • Technology: How AI can help with assortment planning
  • Solutions: Ensuring packaging protects against contamination, viruses

...and more.

December 2020 

  • What’s Cooking at Southeastern Grocers: Inspired associates execute a renewed growth strategy
  • 2020 Category Captains Awards: This year’s Category Captains navigate unfamiliar terrain
  • Executive Insights: Shipt’s CEO is building a retail ecosystem
  • New Horizons: Understanding the ‘Shecession’

...and more.

October 2020 Issue

  • E-Commerce: The predictable rise of Instacart
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Reckoning with race
  • Exclusive Research: Beef and pork keep sizzling
  • Technology: Supermarkets adding media companies

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  • 2020 Retailer of the Year: Publix shares secrets of its success
  • 2020 GenNext Awards: 40 under 40 making a difference
  • Industry Events: Top Women in Grocery trade ideas in virtual program
  • 2020 Grocery Tech Trends Study: Food retailers invest for what's next

...and more.

SEPTEMBER 2020 Issue

  • Editors' Picks: 100 winners revealed
  • Featured Retailer: Wegmans keeps winning
  • Fresh Foods: Cultivating better produce 
  • Foodservice Innovation: What's next for a hungry nation

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  • 73rd Annual Consumer Expenditures Study
  • Featured Retailer: Aldi as America's fastest growing grocer
  • Food Tech: Gene editing meets supermarket shelves
  • Beverages: Consumer trends provide grocery guidance

...and more

This digital edition is brought to you by the Chilean Salmon Marketing Council.


  • Special Report: The Sustainability Imperative
  • Ask a Chef: Wahlburger's co-founder dishes on menu trends
  • Innovation: 20 retailers redefining the grocery experience
  • Technology: Speed and efficiency with curbside pickup

...and more.

June 2020

  • Top Women in Grocery: Including Trailblazers Susan Morris & Judi Kletz
  • Diversity & Inclusion: More women join boards of directors
  • Technology: Upgrading employee engagement
  • Food Safety & Sanitation: Being a post-pandemic grocer

... and more.

May 2020

  • The PG 100: North America's top retailers of food and consumables
  • Technology: Occupancy monitoring during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Operations: Solving the pandemic sanitation challenge 
  • Candy & Snacks: Healthier treats take more important role

... and more

April 2020

  • 87th Annual Report: Retail execs maintain optimism 
  • Store of the Month: AJ's Fine Foods strengthens community ties
  • Fresh Food: Unfamiliar tropical fruits for grilling
  • Technology: Reimagining existing loyalty programs

...and more

March 2020

  • Technology: Digital-First Grocers in Action
  • Equipment & Design: Automated Kiosks Play a Range of Roles
  • Total Meal Solutions: Meijer's New In-Store Sushi Concept
  • Kitchen Tech: How the Hub of the Home Is Changing

...and more


  • 2020 Outstanding Independents: Faster, fresher and more localized
  • CBD: Grocers look to get their share of the pot
  • 2020 Retail Meat Review: Plant-based close in on meat sales
  • Technology: Demand in a digital era with real-time, usable data

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