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Kat Martin

Senior Editor

Kat Martin is senior editor of Progressive Grocer.

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January 2019

PCC eliminates shelf checkouts in stores; Trader Joe’s stops NYC delivery
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Articles by this author

March 2019

Reached a settlement with Walmart earlier this year

Organization continues to grow, improve shopping experience

Exec is stepping down as CEO of the association this year

February 2019

IGA pushed retailers to reevaluate how they see their business

Bakery serves as tremendous driver to get shoppers in store

Simplicity is key in Woodlands' prepared foods success

Independent grocer partners to create 'world's 1st robotic supermarket'

2019 Outstanding Independents awards recipients demonstrate how being small can be an advantage

Idaho grocer's goal is to expand local image, feeling of community

Grocer sees tremendous growth of Italian-focused La Bella Romana brand

Grocery shopping experience revolves around 2 themes: 'What’s for Dinner' and 'Better Because'

Independent grocer makes impressive progress on 5-year sustainability goals

Independent grocer finds clever ways to raise money for local causes

Independent grocer boasts one of the biggest produce departments nationwide

Design addresses new consumer needs while staying true to grocer's roots

Local can be a somewhat vague term, but for Oliver’s, it’s quite specific

Grocer finds success in unconventional approach to private label

Grocer finds bakery success in partnership with local cake artist

Grocer's success is based on surprising, delighting prepared foods shoppers

Independent grocer solves last-mile problem with autonomous delivery vehicles

Low-income-area grocer finds opportunity to play instrumental role in community

From its inception, produce has been a core value of the company

Independent grocer's mission is to create a local, healthy, sustainable food community

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