Rise and Shine With Better-for-You Options

Rise and Shine With Better-for-You Options
Canadian brand Flourish Pancakes offers a high-protein, high-fiber version of the popular breakfast food.

Since consumers have, in a sense, rediscovered breakfast in the age of the coronavirus, how can grocers and suppliers capitalize on this trend going forward? In this revitalized category, one particular opportunity stands out: the chance to make the morning meal better, for the planet and for people alike.

We’re hoping to expand more on this new heat-and-eat category within both our prepared foods department and in the freezer aisle,” says Scott Crawford, chief merchandising officer at Bronx, New York-based FreshDirect. “We’d also like to build on our current categories with more plant-based/nutritionally focused better-for-you options.”

“As we announced back in July, our plan for the second half of the year is to execute a substantial year-on-year increase in investment in brands and capabilities,” notes Kris Bahner, spokeswoman at Battle Creek, Michigan-based Kellogg Co. “We will continue revitalizing our cereal brands and optimizing our lineup of SKUs to reduce complexity. Importantly, we have gained share this year, not only behind taste-fun brands like Froot Loops, but also behind health-and-wellness-oriented brands that we set out to revitalize this year through refreshed messaging and media.” 

“For now and the future, we are ... focused on sharing our eggs as an ingredient for other CPG brands or retailers to incorporate into their new product launches -- the importance being there are few, if any, using pasture-raised eggs in their pre-made products or in-store hot-bar offerings,” says George Weaver IV, brand specialist and fourth-generation co-founder of Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Utopihen Farms.

Predicts Andrew Maida, founder of Vaughan, Ontario-based Flourish Pancakes: “I’d expect more brands to enter the breakfast space with healthy, versatile options that can replace unhealthy classics -- as we have been doing and will continue to do over the next few years.”

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