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PG’s 2017 Retailer of the Year talks 2018 focus

Store offers a full-service restaurant and a food court that includes customizable meals.

Grocerant Summit offers ideas for winning with prepared foods

Kitchen 1883 poised for late-October opening at Union, Ky., Marketplace store

As mid-level casual dining chains continue to struggle in a fast casual-dominated world, many are trying to compete with meal deals, fast lunches and cocktails. Brinker International’s Chili’s concept has tried all of the above and now hopes that streamlining the menu will keep the brand relevant.

General Mills

General Mills, provider of Totino’s pizza rolls, Annie’s organic cheese puffs, and Bugles, and the first major brand to bring granola bars to market, is making an even bigger investment in America’s love of between-meals eating occasions.

Cold Brew

Consumers’ beverage tastes seem to be moving beyond sugary, colorful drinks toward more sophisticated, slow-brewed earthy flavors.

Salad Bot

If bagged salads or salad bars aren’t quick or convenient enough for some consumers, they now have a third option: “Sally, a salad-making robot who can prepare one of a thousand possible custom salads in around 60 seconds,” reports Fast Company.

Midwest grocer to operate in-store fitness centers, 26 new restaurants

Fall offerings range from school lunch to family dinner

Grocers leverage unique themes and delicious signature items to deliver experiences that keep folks coming back for more.

Prep+Pared in 37 stores by October

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