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FreshDirect Reveals 5 Top Food Trends for 2024

Online grocer’s team of industry experts weigh in on food, flavor, function and consumer preferences
FreshDirect 2024 Trends Main Image
FreshDirect's merchant team of category specialists has put together its annual list spotlighting industry innovation and customer preferences in the coming year.

E-grocer FreshDirect has revealed its 2024 food trend insights, which encompass flavor, function, sustainability and influence. The company’s merchant team of category specialists put together its annual list spotlighting industry innovation and customer preferences in the coming year.

“In a rapidly evolving food and online grocery landscape, FreshDirect is at the forefront of delivering customers the highest-quality, freshest food along with driving simple healthy solutions that make every day better for them,” said Charlotte Myer, co-lead, merchandising at Bronx, N.Y.-based FreshDirect. “Our team of industry experts is continuously ahead of food innovation — identifying the flavors, ingredients and culinary movements that will captivate customer palates and shape the industry in the coming years.”

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FreshDirect’s top 5 trends for 2024 are as follows:

  1. Tackling Food Waste: Customers want to reduce their food waste at every step of their meal. In 2024, that will mean buying food made with usable food scraps – in other words, upcycling. From product off the shelf to prepared foods and meal kits, waste is not on the menu. 

  2. The Rise of DEI in the Grocery Sector: The impact of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) representation resonates with consumers, enhancing brand loyalty and trust. Integrating DEI into the selection and representation of products, not just at grocery, but also across various industries, underscores a fundamental shift in consumer preferences and expectations. This paradigm reflects the awareness that grocery choices extend beyond mere consumption; they echo consumers’ values, beliefs and commitment to a harmonious, equitable world. The journey toward DEI representation isn’t just a reflection of changing times; it’s a commitment to embracing the richness of humanity in every aspect of life, even the choices made at the grocery store. 

  3. Sustainability in Farming Practices:  The contemporary food landscape prioritizes sustainability, and as customers seek ways to make a positive impact through their grocery choices, they want to support sustainable practices in as many ways as possible. 

  4. The Power of Functional Beverages: As customers look for highly nutritious foods, they have also expressed a desire for beverages that go beyond nutrition. Beverage purveyors are stepping up to meet increased consumer demands, creating products like better-for-you and probiotic and prebiotic offerings. 

  5. Embracing Small Plates: Premium tinned seafood, snacking cheeses and specialty dips have been huge growth drivers this past year and will continue to gain popularity as people look for easy, nutritious ways to satisfy their party guests. The versatility and quick preparation of appetizers and small plates are easier for the host, while guests get to try different flavors and feed their adventurous appetites. 

FreshDirect has a dedicated page on its website where visitors can find a broad assortment of trend-inspired products to enjoy. 

FreshDirect’s parent company since 2021, Ahold Delhaize USA, a division of Zaandam, Netherlands-based Ahold Delhaize, operates more than 2,000 stores and more than 20 distribution centers across 20-plus states and is No. 10 on The PG 100, Progressive Grocer’s 2023 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America. PG also named the company one of its Retailers of the Century and its 10 Most Sustainable Grocers. Earlier this month, Ahold Delhaize entered into an agreement to sell its FreshDirect business to Getir, a provider of ultra-fast grocery delivery operating in key markets in the United States and globally. The transaction is expected to close by Nov. 30. 

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