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Top Women in Grocery Podcast

TWIG Podcast

There’s an important conversation happening right now around women leadership in grocery and what it looks like when organizations fully embrace diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Hosted by Progressive Grocer's Editor-in-Chief Gina Acosta, Senior Editor Lynn Petrak and Multimedia Editor Emily Crowe, the Top Women in Grocery Podcast aims to further that conversation by highlighting how women are making a difference in this industry.

Progressive Grocer's monthly podcast series talks to top women leaders working in grocery retail, consumer goods, and solution provider companies about the paradigm shifts happening in grocery, and how they are navigating them all. The Top Women in Grocery series discusses the unique yet universal challenges that women in the grocery industry face — and are overcoming. Listen in to women tell their stories about how their companies are supporting women’s leadership initiatives and meaningfully measuring the outcomes of those efforts.

Join Gina, Lynn, Emily and their guests as they gather around the Top Women in Grocery table to consider all the complexities and realities of women’s leadership in this essential industry of grocery.

Listen to Latest Top Women In Grocery Episodes:


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The Top Women in Grocery LinkedIn Group is accepting requests to join! If you are a female professional in the grocery retail industry looking to connect and share leadership insights with other women in the industry, CLICK HERE.

Progressive Grocer's Top Women in Grocery program started almost 20 years ago and has become the premiere awards program that recognizes female leadership. Every year, the awards program honors leadership and the efforts of outstanding women from the retail, supplier and service provider community. For more information on this and other PG awards programs, click here

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