Box Tops Promo Helps Bakery Managers Lure Consumers

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Box Tops Promo Helps Bakery Managers Lure Consumers

MINNEAPOLIS -- General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice based here is bringing its Box Tops for Education fundraising promotion to the in-store bakery to help operators drive traffic and increase sales.

Box Tops for Education allows consumers to clip Box Tops coupons valued
at ten cents each from more than five billion packages available in retail stores and redeem them for cash for schools. The program for in-store bakeries offers peel-off stickers worth double Box Tops -- 20 cents -- on packages of specially marked bakery products.

General Mills is providing in-store bakery operators a merchandising tool kit to successfully execute a Box Tops for Education promotion including Bonus Box Tops stickers worth 20 cents, counter cards, shelf wobblers, and tear pads featuring Bakery Bonus Cards, which allow consumers to earn even more money for their schools. Consumers who collect and redeem five Bonus Box Tops on the Bakery Bonus Card will double their Box Tops again, earning a total card value of 20 Box Tops valued at $2.00.

"Box Tops for Education loyalists will go out of their way to purchase
products that feature Box Tops and are willing to change their buying
behavior for Box Tops," said Pam Kermisch, director of promotion marketing. "Through the Box Tops for Education in-store bakery promotion, bakery managers give consumers a compelling reason to visit the in-store bakery, which can drive both penetration and traffic."

By expanding the promotion to the in-store bakery, Kermisch said retailers can create a total store event around Box Tops for Education, which has a proven ability to drive into the store consumers who are looking for promoted Box Tops products.

Box Tops for Education has grown to be General Mills' largest strategic philanthropic effort. Since 1996, America's schools have earned $200 million through the Box Tops program and more than two billion Box Tops have been redeemed.