Borden Cheese Hispanic Cheeses

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Borden Cheese Hispanic Cheeses

Borden Cheese has introduced a new line of Hispanic cheeses, made with authentic, high-quality ingredients. The line includes:

Borden Cheese Quesadilla cheese: Said to be a rich and creamy melting cheese for Mexican-style dishes. It is suitable for authentic quesadillas, cheesy dips, nachos or huevos rancheros.

Borden Cheese Oaxaca cheese: A semi-soft cheese with a salty flavor and similar texture to mozzarella cheese. Oaxaca cheese is suitable for serving with enchiladas or burritos, and can be used as a topping on soup.

Borden Cheese Queso Fresco: Meaning "fresh cheese" in Spanish, this offering is said to have a mild and creamy taste, and is suitable for balancing the flavor in spicy Mexican dishes. The crumbling cheese is suitable for topping tacos, salad, soups and grilled vegetables.