What’s Tops Among Uber Eats’ Grocery Customers?

Delivery service announces trending tastes, notes rising grocery orders in annual report
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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What’s Tops Among Uber Eats’ Grocery Customers?
According to its annual report on consumer cravings, Uber Eats' users are buying more groceries than in past years.

As it turns out, Uber Eats customers are bananas about bananas. In its annual report on popular, unusual and unique order requests, the delivery service announced that bananas are the top-selling grocery items in the United States, with more than 25,150 pounds of bananas sold in the United States during the month of September alone.

On a broader level, consumers are increasingly wild about ordering all kinds of grocery staples via the company that’s built its brand on ride sharing and restaurant delivery. According to the 2021 Uber Eats Cravings Report, the pandemic spurred a greater adoption of grocery delivery “by several years," with further expansion anticipated.  

Digging deeper into grocery orders insights, Uber Eats reports that weekends were the most popular times for grocery orders and the 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. time frame was the most frequent time to schedule orders.

As Uber Eats has moved into delivery from other types of businesses, including liquor stores, convenience stores and flower shops, orders from those types of retail operations are on the rise as well. In October, the company announced that it is adding baby necessities through a new hub for infant, toddler and children's items.

The recent cravings report also revealed what consumers have a taste for when ordering food and drink from Uber Eats, providing both foodservice operators and food retailers with a glimpse at shoppers’ palate preferences. The top 10 cuisines are:

  1. Mexican
  2. Burgers and Sandwiches
  3. Chinese
  4. Indian
  5. Pizza
  6. Sushi
  7. Thai
  8. Mediterranean
  9. Breakfast (Bagels and Donuts)
  10. Vietnamese
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