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Vallarta Supermarkets Offers Meatless Options for Lent and Beyond

Vallarta Supermarkets Offers Meatless Options for Lent and Beyond Beyond Meat
Vallarta Supermarkets will now provide meatless options, like the pictured Beyond Meat tacos, among its traditional Hispanic items across the store, both for Lent and year-round

As interest in, and consumption of, plant-based meat alternatives continues to climb across all demographics, independent Hispanic food retailer Vallarta Supermarkets is rolling out additional meatless menu offerings in various departments for Lent, which this year runs from Feb. 26 to April 12.

“Many of our customers give up eating meat during Lent,” noted Andrew Lewis, VP of marketing at Los Angeles-based Vallarta, which operates 50 locations throughout California. “Now they’ll be able to enjoy their traditional favorites, like tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more, without giving up taste and still observing Lent.”

The new menu items will be available at all 50 of the supermarket chain’s stores in the following departments: La Cocina, Cevichería, Pescadería, Grab & Go, and the Cremería.

Additionally, Beyond Meat is now offered as a protein substitute option in such menu items as a carnitas torta or carne asada tacos at La Cocina at all Vallarta locations, as well as in the frozen food section for those who wish to cook at home. Beyond Meat options will be available at the grocer year-round for customers limiting their meat consumption.

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