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New Seasons Market Now Carries Oregon Seaweed’s Pacific Dulse

Flagship product provides nutrition, sustainability and versatility
Pacific Dulse Main Image
Carbon-negative and non-polluting Pacific dulse provides myriad health benefits to consumers and the planet alike.

New Seasons Market has teamed up with Oregon Seaweed, the largest land-based seaweed farm in the United States, to offer the farm’s flagship product, fresh Pacific dulse, in many of the grocer’s produce departments, alongside such traditional greens as kale.

Cultivated in a controlled environment that replicates the natural ocean habitat without the need for pesticides or harmful chemicals, carbon-negative and non-polluting Pacific dulse provides myriad health benefits to consumers and the planet alike. The sustainable superfood has a low carbon footprint, requiring no arable land, freshwater herbicides or pesticides to grow. Its production even contributes to de-acidifying seawater, which is vital for marine ecosystems’ health. As for nutrition, Pacific dulse is a great source of several vitamins and minerals, among them potassium, iodine, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C, as well as fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. 

“Pacific dulse is more than what we commonly perceive as seaweed; it's a step towards environmental stewardship and an incredibly versatile ingredient,” noted Alanna Kieffer, sales manager at Garibaldi, Ore.-based Oregon Seaweed. “Full of minerals and umami flavor, it can be used similarly to kale or other leafy greens.”

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Added Kieffer, “Whether you’re making smoothies, salad or stir-fries, Pacific dulse brings a nutritious punch and supports a more sustainable future.” 

Oregon Seaweed grows a variety of Pacific dulse, which the company describes as one of the fastest-growing complete proteins on the planet.

Founded in 2000 by three families and 50 friends in Portland, Ore., New Seasons now has a team of nearly 2,700 staffers at 21 stores in Oregon and Washington state. The company offers industry-leading compensation and benefits and commits 10% of its after-tax profits to the communities it serves. New Seasons and its sister banner, Santa Cruz, Calif.-based New Leaf Community Markets, an organic and natural grocer with a handful of stores along California’s Central Coast, are independent operators within the Good Food Holdings family of brands. Carson, Calif.-based Good Food Holdings LLC is also the parent company of Metropolitan Market Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres Natural Market. Each banner has its own leadership team, company culture, operating philosophy and go-to market strategy.

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