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Pennsylvania Indie Gets High-Tech Salad Bar

Shady Maple Farm Market installs Picadeli unit at East Earl store
Picadeli Shdy Maple Farm Market Installation Main Image
Shady Maple Farm Market, in East Earl, Pa., has become the latest food retailer to roll out a digitally enabled Picadeli salad bar.

Independent grocer Shady Maple Farm Market, known for carrying an extensive selection of high-quality meats, cheeses, produce and prepared foods, has become the latest food retailer to roll out Swedish company Picadeli’s dynamic salad bar concept at the single-store operator’s 110-square-foot location in East Earl, Pa. The addition of Picadeli’s customizable salad bar adds to Shady Maple’s diverse range of offerings, providing its customers with another way to procure fresh and nutritious meals tailored to their individual preferences. 

“At Picadeli, we are passionate about making a nutritious meal on the go both affordable and accessible, and we are delighted to partner with Shady Maple Farm Market to bring our concept to their esteemed establishment,” said Patrik Hellstrand, CEO of Los Angeles-based Picadeli US. “Shady Maple’s dedication to providing exceptional quality and service aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are excited to introduce a new dimension of choice and customization to their customers.”

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Picadeli’s salad bar at Shady Maple is stocked with a variety of fresh ingredients, among them crisp greens, colorful vegetables, sustainably sourced proteins and flavorful dressings. Focusing on quality, variety and convenience, the salad bar offers an interactive dining experience that makes it easy for customers to explore new flavors and combinations each time they visit.

“Shady Maple is excited about partnering with Picadeli to provide our customers with even more exciting choices,” noted Lin Weaver, CEO of Shady Maple Cos. “We already have the most variety in Pennsylvania, and by working together, Shady Maple customers can now make a salad of their own unique creation with the freshest, tastiest ingredients possible.”

In 1970, Shady Maple started out as a simple roadside stand in rural Lancaster County, Pa., selling fresh homegrown produce from the Weaver family farm. The current store now also has a range of scratch-made baked goods, an in-house butcher, prepared foods and an expansive grocery selection.

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