JBS Swift & Company Adopts Temperature Monitoring Labels

GREELEY, Colo. - Following the lead of Albertson's LLC earlier this year, JBS Swift & Co., North America based here has adopted the PakSense TXi label to monitor time and temperature of product during distribution. PakSense Labels are currently in use on truckloads of fresh beef and pork from JBS Swift & Co. processing plants to customer locations throughout the United States.

PakSense Labels are placed on fresh beef and pork loads and then shipped to customer locations. When the truck is received, JBS Swift customers examine visual indicators on PakSense Labels to verify that acceptable temperature ranges were maintained during shipping. Labels are then pulled at customer locations and mailed back to JBS Swift's Greeley, Colo., office as part of a temperature traceability program.

The label's small size enables it to be mailed back in the postal system and once received, they are filed with shipping paperwork, while its non-volatile memory means that data is perpetually stored and can be downloaded at any point in the future.

"The PakSense Label replaces a paper strip chart temperature monitoring device and is a technology upgrade," said Warren Mirtsching, food safety and quality director at JBS Swift. "In the past, it was difficult to keep track of these strip charts and tie them back to a particular shipment. The PakSense Label is a vast improvement over the old system and is a great tool to promote better food quality throughout the industry."

The Boise-based PakSense develops intelligent sensing products specifically designed for perishables.
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