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How Grocers Are Advancing In-Store Tech

GroceryTech event includes POV from several retailers deploying solutions in physical locations
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
GroceryTech palm
Retailers are deploying a host of technologies throughout their brick-and-mortar locations to help shoppers on their purchase journey.

As grocers seek to break barriers to growth through technologies, many are taking an omnichannel approach through innovations in both digital and physical locations. At Progressive Grocer’s upcoming GroceryTech event, held June 5-7 in Dallas, retailers and tech company partners will spotlight some of those tools that capture consumer attention – and share of wallet – while they are in a store location.

Highlights Include the Following Sessions:

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RM Sesh GT
Piyush Jindal (left) and Kathryn Mazza (right).

The State of Retail Media, June 5

Led by Piyush Jindal, director of innovation and partnership products at Albertsons Media Collective, and Kathryn Mazza, SVP at Hy-Vee’s RedMedia business, this dynamic session highlights relevant, inventive retail media programs that include engaging in-store elements that meet shoppers’ needs and entice purchases.

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Randy Crimmins (left); Mark Fairhurst (center); Lee Lambeth (right) of Mercatus.

How Grocers Can Win Back Market Share Through Contextualized Shopper Engagement, June 6. 

As consumers shift to value and convenience, this workshop will share how grocers can keep up with changing behavior through targeted promotions, including those offered in store settings. Presenters include Randy Crimmins, president of AisleOne at Mercatus; Mark Fairhurst, global chief growth officer at Mercatus; and Lee Lambeth, VP of retail operations at Mercatus.

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Expert panel
Clockwise, Kim Anderson (upper left); Gina Acosta (upper right); Tyler King (lower right); and Adrian Salazar (lower left).

The Experts Share All: How to Succeed with In-Store Technology, June 6 

This power-packed panel will highlight ways that retailers can increase operating margin and revenue by improving in-store audit capabilities. Pros include Kim Anderson, VP, store operations support at Schnuck Markets; Adrian Salazar, store manager at Schnucks; Tyler King, VP of finance operations at SpartanNash; and Gina Acosta, Progressive Grocer’s Editor-in-Chief. 

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pro panel GT
Clockwise, Ken Ninomiya (upper left); Gina Acosta (upper right); Barry Clogan (lower right); and Mark Sciortino.

Smart Supermarkets – How will technology change the store experience? June 7

This session addresses how the convergence of the physical and digital worlds impacts the future of the grocery store and what consumers think about in-store technology. Speakers include  Ken Ninomiya, VP of e-commerce at Sedano's; Mark Sciortino, SVP and general manager, retailer technology and solutions at Vestcom; Barry Clogan, chief product evangelist at Wynshop; and Progressive Grocer’s Editor-in-Chief Gina Acosta.

Jatin -Albertsons
Jatin Pahuja

How Albertsons Is Transforming the Omni Journey, June 7

In this session, Jatin Pahuja, group VP – shopping experience at Albertsons, will share how the retailer is earning customers for life by transforming the both the physical and digital experience with new approaches to personalization, loyalty and recipes.

The full slate of GroceryTech speakers is available online. Click on the button below to learn more and register.

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