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Gopuff Survey Finds Delivery Partners Value Flexibility

Responses offer fascinating glimpse into gig workers’ backgrounds, motivations
Gopuff Delivery Partner Responsibilities Main Image
A chart from Gopuff shows the various identities of its delivery partners.

In a survey of the independent contractors who carry out its deliveries – a.k.a. delivery partners – quick-commerce platform Gopuff discovered that 84% of those surveyed said that having the flexibility to choose how and when they earn is important to them, among other key findings that the company is sharing publicly for the first time ever. 

In a similar vein, Gopuff delivery partners rated flexibility (No. 1) and the ability to be their own boss (No. 2) as the most important factors when choosing this line of work, while 77% of delivery partners said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the flexibility aspect of their Gopuff experience.

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Additionally, the survey results revealed that Gopuff delivery partners lead full, busy and varied professional and personal lives, making the ability to earn on a flexible schedule highly important to them. For most, Gopuff isn’t their only earning opportunity. Their responses on this topic were as follows:

  • 70% of surveyed partners said they earn money outside of their time with Gopuff, and 50% work with other ride-sharing or delivery companies
  • 26% have other self-employment earnings, 15% work part-time elsewhere, and nearly 40% work full-time elsewhere
  • 68% of delivery partners work with Gopuff fewer than 10 hours per week, and 85% work less than 20 hours per week
  • 37% care for a child or children either as a single parent (20%) or with a partner (17%)
  • 13% are full- or part-time students
  • 5% care for an elderly loved one
  • 7% are retired
  • 6% are veterans

“We are proud that the vast majority of delivery partners plan to continue earning with Gopuff for the next year, but our work has only begun,” the Philadelphia-based company said. “We remain committed to listening to our delivery partners who tell us time and time again that they value their flexibility as independent contractors and are continuously working to improve the experience.”

Gopuff sends out regular surveys and continually gathers feedback from them to improve the delivery partner experience. Examples of this include Instant Cash Out, used by nearly 80% of partners surveyed; enhanced earnings transparency; a partnership with Stride, which provides access to health insurance coverage; and discounts on groceries and fuel, used by nearly 40% of partners. 

More recently, the company enhanced in-app functions to streamline the process for accepting or rejecting trips, and provided more detailed information about a trip in the app so that delivery partners could make more educated decisions and maximize their time on the platform. In the next few months, Gopuff plans to roll out a new in-app tool to give delivery partners real-time information on current demand levels at each micro-fulfillment center or store in its delivery network, helping the partners make better decisions about when and where to go online to deliver on-demand.

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