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The Fresh Market Makes Bid for ‘America’s Best-Tasting Pizza’

Neapolitan-style Hot and Fresh product line now available
The Fresh Market Hot and Fresh Pizza Bundle Main Image
Starting May 29 and running for the rest of 2024, pizza fans can choose between two separate The Fresh Market pizza bundles with either a 12-inch or 16-inch pie.

The Fresh Market has added to its fresh food lineup authentic Neapolitan-style Hot and Fresh Pizza, which, according to the regional grocer, was created to surpass the pizzas offered by America’s best restaurant chains. Appropriate for lunch, dinner or an anytime snack, the convenient pizza features quality fresh ingredients such as crushed Italian tomatoes and mozzarella cheese atop a crisp golden crust made with Neapolitan flour. The mozzarella cheese is sourced from the famed BelGioioso brand, while the tomatoes are grown in the fertile volcanic soils near Mt. Vesuvius and subtly seasoned with salt.

The new Hot and Fresh Pizza line also includes meaty Hot Honey Pepperoni and Classic Pepperoni, as well as meat-free Cheese, Ensalada, Margherita and Pepe Fromage, offering a flavor for every palate. Each flavor comes in two affordable sizes: 12 inches (starting at $7.99), designed for one or two people, and 16 inches (starting at $12.99), created for sharing with friends and family. 

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The Fresh Market’s delivery partners are offering specials deals on Hot and Fresh Pizza:

  • Door Dash: 20% off the full basket when ordering a Hot & Fresh Pizza with promo code TFMPIZZA. Maximum $10 off. Offer valid through June 30.
  • Instacart: $5 off Hot & Fresh Pizza – delivery only. No promo code. $10 minimum basket. Offer valid through June 1.
  • Uber Eats: Free delivery when ordering a Hot & Fresh Pizza with promo code TFMPIZZA. $25 minimum basket order. Offer valid through May 31.

Additionally, starting May 29 and running for the rest of 2024 (Dec. 31), pizza fans can choose between two pizza bundles with either a 12-inch ($20) or 16-inch ($25) pie. The Pizza Bundle consists of The Fresh Market Hot & Fresh Whole Pizza (choose one from all varieties); The Fresh Market Gelato (30.4 ounces, choose from all varieties); and a Coca-Cola Mini 6-pack of Mini Cans (45 fluid ounces, choose from all varieties), or two 20-ounce bottles.

“When our skilled chefs set out to craft an authentic Italian pizza, they honored the time-honored Neapolitan traditions with a singular focus on quality and freshness,” noted Giorgio Bianchetti, The Fresh Market’s chief merchandising officer. “Their passion has culminated in a pizza that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We’re thrilled to invite our valued guests to savor this exceptional Hot & Fresh pizza, meticulously prepared with the finest fresh ingredients, right here at The Fresh Market.”

In a blind taste test against Domino’s, America’s biggest pizza chain, 61% of the 502 respondents preferred the taste of The Fresh Market pepperoni pizza over Domino’s pepperoni pizza.

“The introduction of the Hot & Fresh Pizza line at The Fresh Market is far more than just a new addition to our menu, it marks the continuation of our passion for culinary innovation and our dedication to catering to the varied tastes of our customers," added Bianchetti. "This initiative is a clear reflection of our commitment to excellence in quality, taste and customer satisfaction, fulfilling our promise to consistently offer exciting and delicious options. It is the enthusiasm of our guests for gourmet experiences that motivates us to exceed expectations and launch new offerings that make The Fresh Market not just a store, but a destination for food lovers everywhere.”

Greensboro, N.C.-based The Fresh Market operates 162 stores in 22 states. The grocer is No. 76 on The PG 100, Progressive Grocer’s 2023 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America.

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