Fiesta Mart to Install New Multi-Purpose Aisle Signage Fixtures

HOUSTON, Texas - Hispanic grocery chain Fiesta Mart plans to install a new signage system developed as a navigational tool for shoppers and an advertising platform for brands and services.

The retailer will use Dallas-based Combustion Media, Inc.'s AirShow Aisle Marker program, which utilizes the airspace above the aisles to help showcase the international brands and variety of services it offers shoppers. The program. It is designed to attract attention the moment a shopper enters the store by acting as an

"We have been testing the Aisle Marker program and have found it to be a highly effective advertising vehicle for our brands, as well as a convenient navigational system for our customers," said Parmer Morgan, v.p. of merchandising for Fiesta Mart. "Fiesta offers customers a huge variety of products and services. When we saw the results the Aisle Marker program achieved, we felt it was a natural fit for our company."

The AirShow Aisle Marker is a double-sided 2-foot x 4-foot backlit electrical fixture with a 15-inch drop that is hung approximately 9 feet off the floor at each end of the store aisle. It lists the aisle categories on each end of the face panel with a national CPG product pictured in the center. The ends of the markers display the aisle number and a store logo. As part of the program, a CPG brand pays to advertise on the aisle marker, off-setting any expense to the store, according to the vendor.

Fiesta plans to expand the program from the single store that was tested to several additional stores in Texas over the next few months. , but the company expects a full deployment over the next few months, as well as all 15 Fiesta liquor stores. Approximately 1,750 AirShow Aisle Marker fixtures and 175 2-foot x 2-foot AirShow fixtures will be installed.
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