DoorDash Rolls Out Self-Serve Ad Solutions

Move aims to give CPGs more flexibility, options
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DoorDash's self-serve ad products encompass a CPG ads manager, third-party platform partnerships with Pacvue and Flywheel, and API integrations, with self-serve sponsored listings expanding to Canada and Australia.

DoorDash has introduced self-serve ad solutions to help consumer packaged goods providers tap into the company’s 25 million-plus monthly active customers at the point of sale to spur incremental purchases. The new self-serve ad products encompass a CPG ads manager, third-party platform partnerships with Pacvue and Flywheel, and application programming interface (API) integrations, with self-serve sponsored listings expanding to Canada and Australia to help local merchants in those countries increase their visibility, generate awareness and find their next customer.

“As we continue to build the ad platform for local, our goal is to connect every store, and brand within each store, to every local consumer,” explained Toby Espinosa, VP, DoorDash ads at San Francisco-based DoorDash. “Ads on DoorDash continue to be a trusted way for consumers to discover new businesses and products that are relevant to them for every shopping occasion. [W]e’re excited to bring digital ads to brands of all sizes with innovative and flexible solutions.”

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The self-serve platform for DoorDash Ads Manager enables CPGs to directly activate, manage and measure sponsored product ads on DoorDash. Sponsored products are item-level placements throughout the convenience and grocery marketplace that connect DoorDash consumers with their preferred brands while driving incremental revenue for the company’s CPG partners.

As part of its collaborative and flexible offering, DoorDash is also allowing CPG brands to access DoorDash ads through two third-party platforms: Bellevue, Wash.-based Pacvue, a enterprise software solution for brands and DoorDash’s first-to-market partner, and Baltimore-based Flywheel, a white-glove full-service digital commerce agency.

DoorDash is additionally introducing an option for CPGs to build on DoorDash’s API and manage ads in-house. CPG partners can access and manage DoorDash ads however they wish as they market their products to new and loyal customers. Last year, DoorDash rolled out a suite of ad products including banners, promotions and sponsored listings, and with the launch of sponsored products, it’s now enabling CPGs to boost their brands on DoorDash’s most visible surfaces:

  • Collections help consumers discover products through ads that appear on curated aisles across various stores.
  • With Categories, brands can boost products at the top of category results such as snacks or drinks while consumers are browsing.
  • Via Search, brands can capture high-intent consumers searching for products by appearing at the top of DoorDash’s search results.

These features permit brands to connect with consumers at every point in the path to purchase, providing the opportunity for both incremental sales and category share growth.

According to DoorDash: “For consumers, ads on DoorDash are a trusted way to discover businesses and products that are relevant for every occasion. Ads are transparent in-app and will always be a seamlessly integrated shopping experience for consumers.”

DoorDash’s network consists of more than 75,000 convenience, grocery and retail store.

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