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Uncut Plant-Based Burgers

Item goes from foodservice to in-store butcher to grocers’ fresh meat cases
Uncut Plant-Based Burgers

Having already established a solid foothold in the foodservice channel, with distribution in more than 1,000 restaurants and 20 school districts in just 12 months, Before the Butcher, a provider of plant-based meats, is coming to retail with four burger and sausage products that look, cook and taste like animal meat. According to the company, the Uncut Burger, Uncut Savory Chicken Burger, Uncut Roasted Turkey Burger and Uncut Breakfast Sausage Patty offer more variety than any other plant-based protein brand, providing various alternatives for consumers trying to lower their meat intake without giving up the burgers they love. All Uncut burgers are 100 percent plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made from a proprietary combination of soy, coconut and canola oils, and natural seasonings. A serving contains 7 to 18 grams of plant protein; has significantly less sodium than other meatless burgers, at just 150-200 grams; and delivers a satisfyingly meaty flavor, chew and bite. The first Uncut products at retail debuted in early April in the butcher case at a Bristol Farms store in Yorba Linda, Calif., becoming the first plant-based meats to be displayed and sold out of the package at a conventional grocery store butcher counter in the United States. The full line will premiere in retail packaging in supermarket fresh meat cases around the country this summer, with a package of two 4-ounce burgers retailing for a suggested $5.49.

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