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Thrive Market Introduces Own-Brand Frozen Meals

Thrive Market Introduces Own-Brand Frozen Meals
Thrive Market has branched into private-brand Paleo and Plant-Based (pictured above) Bowls amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Online grocer Thrive Market has entered the frozen meal category, rolling out its own branded Paleo and Plant-Based Bowls. Available for $99.99 per bundle of 10, the 11 freshly frozen options are organic with non-GMO ingredients, preservative-free and contain no unnecessary additives.

Thrive’s bowls are tailored to specific diets like Whole 30, Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, and require no subscription.

The product lines are currently available online and include such meals like Organic Dijon Chicken Bowl, Organic Chicken and Veggies Bowl, Chicken Pesto Bowl, Organic Vegetable Lo Mein Bowl, Organic Pesto Pasta Bowl, and Organic Mac & Cheeze Bowl. Thrive also offers bowls and skillets from Oxnard, California-based Primal Kitchen, a brand of Kraft Heinz.

“By investing in the frozen category, the team forecasts that the future of their business will be in frozen meals, capturing a higher share of wallet and reacting to their member feedback by requesting the team brings their highest-quality standards to the rest of the categories outside of nonperishable goods – i.e., frozen,” a spokeswoman for Los Angeles-based Thrive shared with Progressive Grocer. “With the market size estimated to skyrocket to $320 billion-plus in 2026, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% (2020-26), the team has decided to invest and roll out their frozen foods category amid the pandemic, because of their interest in [responding] to customer and consumer feedback for their high standards across untapped categories; the rising awareness and acceptance of frozen meal options as customers hunker down beyond week 10-plus of stay-at-home orders, albeit with some states starting to reopen; a hunger for complete, ready-to-eat holistic healthy meals to buck the trend of not-so-good-for-you frozen meals currently on the market from legacy brands; and greater advancements in their freezing tech through faster supply chain solutions.

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