Thrive Market Goes All In on Whole30

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Thrive Market Goes All In on Whole30
The new dressings offered by Thrive Market are made with ingredients that go beyond the Whole30 standard, with no added sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, gums, fillers or natural flavors.

One of the most innovative grocery retailers is teaming up with one of the hottest "better for you" brands on a new range of products. 

Thrive Market has revealed that it will become the exclusive retailer of Whole30’s first ever product range: a collection of dressings and sauces.

"Whole30 and Thrive Market share the mission to make healthy living easy by providing access to foods that are better for you and better for the planet," said Nick Green, CEO of Marina Del Rey, California-based Thrive Market. "We're excited to join with Melissa and Whole30 like-minded partners to offer our members Whole30-friendly, high-quality products that are conveniently delivered to your door.". 

Whole30 focuses on eating whole, nutrient-dense food. Today’s health-conscious consumer is increasingly reaching for nutrient-dense foods, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation. The Washington, D.C.-based organization's recent survey looked at what consumers know about the term "nutrient density," and how it affects their food and beverage choices, as well as overall health goals, yielding the following results:

More than half said that other purchasing factors are more important than, or are equally important to, foods being nutrient-dense. These factors include whether a food is processed (61% more important than, or same level of importance as, being nutrient-dense), whether it’s made with GMO/bioengineered ingredients (60%), and if it's produced locally (56%), organic (54%) or packaged (54%). 

More than half seek out nutrient-dense foods at least some of the time. Fifty-five percent of survey takers said that they look for nutrient-dense options when choosing foods or beverages, with 17% doing this all the time and 38% doing so at least some of the time. Nearly one in six (16%) said that they never look for nutrient-dense foods. People under the age of 45, those with a college degree and those trying to maintain their weight were more likely to say that they always seek out nutrient-dense options, while those over 45 and people who don’t think about their weight status were more likely to say that they never do so. 

The new Whole30 products at Thrive Market are an interesting example of how new CPG brands are born outside of the traditional development approach. 

The dressings are made with ingredients that go beyond the Whole30 standard, with no added sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, gums, fillers or natural flavors, and use Certified Humane eggs in accordance with established animal welfare and Thrive Market standards.

"Dressings and sauces add flavor and variety to your Whole30, but not everyone has 20 minutes to make a homemade ranch, and finding store-bought without added sugar, soy or dairy can be challenging," said Whole30 founder Melissa Urban. "We love making the Whole30 easier and more convenient, and our community says, 'When I see the Whole30 logo, I know I can trust the ingredients.' Creating our own line of dressings, featuring my favorite kitchen flavors, is an obvious and exciting next step."

Thrive Market, founded in 2014, carries more than 5,000 organic and non-GMO products.

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