SPINS, Innit Team on Recipe-Based E-Commerce Experience

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SPINS, Innit Team on Cooking-Based E-Commerce Experience
As online grocery sales skyrocket, retailers will seek new ways to streamline the consumer e-commerce journey, which can include searching through thousands of products to create meals.

SPINS, a wellness-focused market analytics, product intelligence data and technology solutions provider, and food technology company Innit have joined forces on a product attribute- and nutrition-driven e-commerce experience connecting shopping experience to cooking and home kitchens. The partnership links retailers and brands to shoppers’ kitchens by facilitating recipe- and nutrition-driven shopping, personalized e-commerce, improved product recommendations, and step-by-step cooking help, all backed by SPINS Product Intelligence Health and Wellness data and attributes, and the Innit platform.

With online grocery sales expected to skyrocket by about 40% this year, according to New York-based Coresight Research, retailers will be seeking new ways to streamline the consumer e-commerce journey, which can include searching through thousands of products to create meals.

SPINS Product Intelligence Data and algorithms rate products for their relevance to lifestyle diets, health-and-wellness choices, allergens, and the presence of desired or avoided ingredients. Innit’s algorithms and consumer experience technology deliver personalized nutrition advice allowing consumers to choose quickly the products that fit their diet, health issues and preferences. Products and meals can be suggested according to profile and shopping history, and retailers are able to promote preferred brands and deals. The Innit platform creates a customized shopping and cooking experience for every shopper, while SPINS’ Product Intelligence provides attributes for each product for the best match.

“Consumers are not only ordering groceries online in unprecedented volume but are spending more time in the kitchen preparing meals,” noted Tony Olson, owner and CEO of Chicago-based SPINS. “The struggle is not only to find products that match shoppers’ lifestyle, diet, wellness and preferences needs, but also the ability to connect recipes to shopping lists and product choices to create meal plans and successfully cook meals every day. Together, SPINS and Innit enable any retail partner to deliver rich, personalized shopping experiences, creating greater levels of engagement and loyalty by assisting shoppers throughout the entire food journey. During these unprecedented times, SPINS is committed to aggressively investing in new technologies and partnerships like Innit that are driving measurable sales growth and improved consumer experiences.”

“There's a huge opportunity to redefine and improve the way shoppers fill their baskets, removing friction and better supporting their diets and preferences with personalized assistance,” said Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Redwood City, California-based Innit. “SPINS and Innit are both committed to helping people eat and live better, and we believe personalized e-commerce can make a difference for millions of shoppers.”

This past March, SPINS teamed with San Diego-based Mercato, a grocery e-commerce fulfillment platform for independent grocers and specialty food stores on what the companies called the largest product attribute-powered grocery e-commerce solution.

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