Independent Grocers Step Up E-Commerce Offerings

Independent Grocers Step Up E-Commerce Offerings
ShopHero's e-commerce offerings are store-branded and work on mobile devices or a desktop.

Winkler Wholesale Grocers, which supplies more than 400 retailers in Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, has partnered with online grocery service ShopHero Inc. to provide the independent supermarkets with an e-commerce option.

ShopHero can help the grocers quickly get online, as online grocery shopping has reached new heights amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers have control over their site and the ability to offer curbside pickup and/or delivery on a schedule they set according to their store’s needs and abilities.

"We saw the importance of offering a top-notch online grocery solution to our grocers, and we’ve been very impressed with the ShopHero team," said Josh Winkler, president and CEO at Winkler. "They have the best technology we’ve seen in the market, but more importantly, their team understands the independent grocer. We’re very excited about this partnership." 

The e-commerce platform includes a picking tool that optimizes order picking, alerts shoppers when their order is ready and tracks deliveries in real-time. All these features are said to be designed to ensure that the online shopping experience matches what shoppers have come to expect in-store.

Utah-based ShopHero is exclusively focused on e-commerce solutions for smaller, independent operators. 

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