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Teton Waters Ranch Uses Beef for Its Frozen Breakfast Sausages

Brand rolls out improved, better-for-you product
Teton Waters Ranch Beef Sausage Main Image
While most breakfast sausage is made from pork, Teton Waters Ranch sausages feature 100% grass-fed beef.

There’s a better version of Teton Waters Ranch breakfast sausages in frozen food aisles.

“We’ve moved to a more traditional breakfast sausage link type that delivers a better eating experience,” explains Jeff Tripician, CEO of Loveland, Colo.-based GrassFed Foods, of which Teton Waters Ranch is a subsidiary. “Our new breakfast sausages are skinless coarse-grind links that have a juicier, better bite. Additionally, we’ve improved the surface of our sausages, giving them a smooth texture that allows for more even preparation. This means that families will be able to enjoy a more flavorful sausage, without any lumps or bumps to get in the way.”

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While most breakfast sausage is made from pork, Teton Waters Ranch sausages feature 100% grass-fed beef, which Tripician describes as “better for you, better for the animal, and better for the planet due to being fully traceable by WholeChain and third-party verified by Certified Humane.”

Additionally, he notes that while most pork versions are extruded, “Teton’s is a skinless link, which means it’s plumper and juicier than a pork version of a breakfast sausage.” The product line also boasts “a clean, short and simple ingredient statement” and is even sugar-free, except for the maple variety, which contains sugar as a sweetener.

What’s more, according to Tripician, the brand was able to make these improvements without increasing the cost of its sausages. “We are committed to providing high-quality products at an affordable price, and our new and improved breakfast sausages are no exception,” he observes.

The company has updated its packaging to reflect the new look of the sausage links and is offering loyal purchasers product vouchers to try out the new formulation and let Teton Waters Ranch know what they think.

Asked to account for the popularity of products like Teton Waters Ranch’s beef breakfast sausages, Tripician replies, “While consumers will continue to look for products that check the box on health, nutrition and humane animal care, they are always on the hunt for products that will make their hectic morning routines easier, without sacrificing quality.”

Launched in July and available in Original, Spicy and Maple varieties, the reformulated breakfast sausage retails for a suggested $5.99 per 5.6-ounce package.

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