Spence & Co. Danish Double Smoked Salmon

Premium Acme product can be used as more than a bagel topping
Spence & Co. Double Smoked Salmon Main Image

Marketed under Acme Smoked Fish’s Spence & Co. premium product line, Danish Double-Smoked Salmon is developed over a 24-hour process in Scandinavia, bringing together innovation and time-honored techniques. The double-smoking process begins in the Danish village of Outrup, at a smokehouse where smoked salmon has been a tradition for more than a century.  Sustainably raised fresh Norwegian salmon is hand-filleted and then dry-cured with sea salt. Next, the fish is naturally cold-smoked over sweet beech wood for nine hours. After another drying session, the salmon rests for 12 hours before being hand-sliced and trimmed. The proprietary smoking process takes twice as long as usual smoking times. With its smoky, full-bodied flavor and buttery, silky texture, the salmon can be enjoyed as more than a bagel topping: Consumers can use it as the protein in a favorite dish, add it to fresh pasta or salad, or feature it on an appetizer board. A 4-ounce package retails for a suggested $11.99 at select Whole Foods Market stores. Other unique items from Acme’s Spence & Co line include Smoked Salmon Pinwheels, Wild Salmon Seafood Salad and Scottish Smoked Salmon.

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