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Saffron Road Premium Artisan Wraps

Modern fusion handhelds can be eaten on the go
Saffron Road Premium Artisan Wraps

Saffron Road, a maker of clean-label, world-cuisine frozen entrées, shelf-stable meals, simmer sauces and plant-based protein snacks, has now introduced three innovative Artisan Wraps, modern fusion items that combines Mediterranean flatbreads with ingredients, spices and flavors from South Asia for a gourmet experience that can be enjoyed on the go. The varieties are Bean & Cheese, Samosa with Chickpeas, and Butter Chicken. Featuring whole plant-based proteins like chickpeas and black-eyed beans, or antibiotic-free chicken, the line features traditional recipes from India encased in tandoor-baked lavash wraps. Each 5- to 5.5-ounce frozen wrap retails for a suggested $3.29.




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