Saffron Road Japanese-Inspired Noodle Bowls

Saffron Road has introduced frozen Japanese-inspired noodle bowls, all made with long-simmered, flavorful bone or vegetable broth. The line, which can be heated in just a few minutes via microwave or stovetop, requiring only half a cup of water to be added, includes varieties such as Shoyu Ramen Bowl with Chicken, Sesame Ginger Udon Bowl with Chicken, Tan Tan Ramen Bowl with Chicken, and Vegetable Tan Tan Bowl with Tofu. Each recipe showcases authentic ramen or udon noodles complemented by rich broth and traditional ingredients like white miso, freshly ground ginger, shitake mushrooms and hearty bok choy. The bowls, which are clean-label halal and free of yeast extracts and MSG retail for $4.99 each for grocers’ freezer aisles.

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