Predictive Grocery Delivery Service Jupiter Expands Pilot

Company now operating in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington ahead of Thanksgiving
Predictive Grocery Delivery Service Jupiter Expands Pilot
As predictive grocery delivery company Jupiter expands across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, it has rolled out a new Thanksgiving menu.

Jupiter, a predictive grocery delivery company, has now launched across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington after a successful pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coming just ahead of Thanksgiving, the expansion boosts the service’s potential customer base more than sevenfold, with the opportunity to reach 11 million-plus households across the western United States.

The company aims to streamline the process of tracking down recipes, planning meals and shopping for groceries, enabling people to relax and enjoy mealtime.  Customers can shop from a menu created by award-winning cookbook author and food photographer Nik Sharma; Cory Scales, the former executive chef at Waterdog Tavern and Michael Sheehan-Stross, former lead sommelier at Michael Mina San Francisco. 

Leveraging shopper behavior and preferred ingredients, Jupiter immediately begins to customize and streamline recipe and product discovery, meal planning, inventory management, and grocery delivery all in one place, with items needed for recipes added directly to shoppers’ baskets. Over the first few deliveries, the service provides fully personalized and automated grocery lists based on essentials and meal-planning needs and preferences.

“Jupiter is the grocery solution that meets the moment of the future, and our goal is to make meal planning less of a burden, and more of a pleasure,” explained Chad Munroe, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Jupiter, which was begun by a diverse team of Stanford alumni. “Thanksgiving is the time to bring joy back into creating and sharing a meal. A lot of companies deliver groceries. Jupiter is in the business of creating a truly personalized, intuitive shopping experience. People spend more than 10 hours a week preparing to feed the family, and Jupiter cuts this time in half, while providing award-winning meal ideas and recipes.”

The company will also donate 30 meals to local food banks for every new customer in November, with a goal of donating 5,000 meals through Feeding America.

“Today, Millenials and Gen Z control their finances with a tap, the room temperature with their voice, and can parallel park by pressing a button. So why are they still making three trips to the grocery store every week to buy pre-packaged meals?” said Jupiter co-founder and COO Anuraag Nallapati. “We focus on what makes recipe discovery fun, and provide the predictive grocery delivery service to do it.” 

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