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Reasor’s Offers Online Recipe System

Oklahoma indie teaming with Grocery Shopii
Reasor’s Offers Online Recipe System Grocery Shopii RecipeToTable
RecipeToTable is a new integrated recipe recommendation engine seamlessly integrated into Reasor’s online ordering system.

Reasor’s has joined forces with tech firm Grocery Shopii on an innovative online recipe system to make it easier for the Oklahoma independent grocer’s customers to find favorite recipes, purchase the necessary ingredients online and then cook meals at home.

RecipeToTable is a new integrated recipe recommendation engine seamlessly integrated into Reasor’s online ordering system. Shoppers can save time by allowing the system to streamline and automate their meal planning. When they click on the new “RecipeToTable” tab on Reasor’s website, users encounter a series of preference checkboxes from which they can choose, including food preferences, allergy issues and diet types.

When users have checked the preference boxes, RecipeToTable instantly draws from a huge library of recipes, and then provides the results quickly and efficiently on a single page. Customers can collect their favorite recipes in their own online recipe libraries, creating an easy resource for daily meal planning. When a shopper selects an individual recipe, all of its ingredients can be ordered online with just a single click in mere minutes.

“Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, but sometimes we get in a rut,” noted Jeff Reasor, CEO of Reasor’s Foods. “Now we’re helping to provide the answer to that question of ‘What’s for Dinner?’ that so many of us hear every day. With a complete library of inspired recipes at our customer’s fingertips, along with a quick way to order them, we’re helping to make the daily task of cooking meals at home easier, more delicious and more creative.”

To access the recipes, customers will need online accounts. If they already have accounts on, all they need to do is sign in and click the RecipeToTable link to gain access to all of the recipes.

“We’re honored to launch with Reasor’s, as they deeply understand and respond to the needs of their shoppers as meal fatigue has settled” said Katie Hotze, CEO and co-founder of Charlotte, N.C.-based Grocery Shopii,  a digital meal-planning app that works directly with a grocer’s e-commerce to expedite online grocery shopping with recipes. “Our innovative meal-planning technology will help bring families together by solving the ‘What’s for dinner?’ dilemma by recommending fresh recipe inspiration from top brands and food bloggers, all of which can be added to their shopping cart with a single click.” 

Earlier this year, Reasor’s introduced at three of its stores Sally, the Fresh Food Robot, an automated salad station from food robotics company Chowbotics enabling customers to order custom salads and bowls.

Founded 57 years ago at a single location, Tahlequah, Okla.-based Reasor’s has 17 locations and one convenience store throughout northeastern Oklahoma. In 2007, the company became employee-owned and now provides jobs for nearly 2,500 associates. 

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