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Google Cloud, Innit Partner to Help Grocers Deliver on Personalization

New solution fuses AI and search technologies
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Google Cloud, Innit Partner to Help Grocers Deliver on Personalization
A new tech solution from Innit and Google Cloud enables grocery retailers to deliver personalized services across the entire meal journey, spanning online, in-store and at-home.

The forecast for personalized grocery shopping now includes the Google Cloud. 

Technology platform provider Innit announced that it is partnering with Google Cloud on a new solution designed to help grocers provide personalized services to customers across multiple channels. By integrating Google Cloud’s search and recommendation technologies with Innit’s AI-powered meal planning, shoppable recipes and personalized nutrition, the data-based solution allows shoppers to quickly and intuitively build recipes and shop for what they need to prepare or enjoy meals. Innit describes its solutions suite as a “culinary GPS” system that helps grocers guide shoppers through the meal journey, whether they are shopping in store or online.

The acceleration of digital shopping and engagement continue to drive shoppers’ expectation for personalization, according to Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Innit. “The next generation of grocery will personalize the store around each consumer, enabling them to easily purchase products and shoppable recipes with confidence. This will streamline the customer experience, and open up tremendous opportunities for retailers and brands to monetize the digital shelf,” he said.

Added Paul Tepfenhart, director, global retail solutions for Google Cloud: “Grocery retailers are racing to upgrade their digital platforms, and personalization will be fundamental to this next generation of services for the modern store. The Google Cloud-Innit solution puts data at the center to remove friction from every stage of the shopping journey.”

Although this strategic partnership is new, the relationship between Innit and Google Cloud is not. The California-based companies have collaborated over the past four years on various solutions to help shoppers navigate meal solutions. Groups from both organizations will help execute the joint solution to food retailers.

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