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New partnership aims to help retailers integrate and manage their own e-commerce operations
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
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Tech companies and Toshiba are partnering to help retailers navigate the digital marketplace.

To help grocers better manage their digital transformation, digital commerce solution provider is teaming up with retail technology company Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, which has over 3.25 million point-of-sale and self-checkout units installed worldwide. The new partnership will enable retailers to create scalable online storefronts that align with their physical stores.

The pace of change in a still-volatile retail environment warrants such integration, according to leaders of both companies. "With e-commerce growing at breakneck speeds, retail store integration has often struggled to keep pace with rising use – and retailers increasingly demand integrated online sales solutions to ensure positive retail experiences for customers," said Orlee Tal, CEO of  Israel-based "This partnership strengthens the mission, which is to create customer-first commerce, where consumers have one seamless, personalized, digital experience across all platforms. Aligning with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions will help retailers shift towards front-end and digital transformation in a simple, convenient and user-oriented manner."

According to John Pistone, executive director, solutions strategy and business development for Durham, N.C.-based Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, retailers can use tools and technologies to grow and control their own online business. “By partnering with, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions can enable an integrated digital shopping experience for our retailers, allowing for an alternative to services such as Instacart," he explained.  

Through the new venture, retailers can get software-as-a-service solutions to provide a robust shopping experience for consumers across all of their devices. The two companies are also working together to create a suite of digital shopping solutions that address retailer and consumer journeys from online orders to in-store pickup to last mile delivery. 

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