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Plum Market Opts for Automated Planogram System

Leafio solution has enabled indie to open stores more quickly
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The Leafio Shelf Efficiency solution's in-depth analytics module has also made it easier to show progress and track performance at Plum Market.

Plum Market, a rapidly growing independent grocery retailer, has teamed with Lewes, Del.-based Leafio on the implementation of an automated planogram system, the Leafio Shelf Efficiency solution. According to the companies, this has led to accelerated store opening preparation and increased productivity of Plum Market’s merchandising teams.

Following implementation of Leafio, the grocer developed a centralized approach to planogram generation and management, ensuring consistent standards across the chain. All planograms are now digitized and stored in one place, enabling the team to optimize and control them with ease. Because of this approach, planograms for more than 14,000 SKUs for Plum Market’s recently opened store in South Florida were prepared in only 4.5 days instead of the two full weeks that were previously needed. 

The solution’s in-depth analytics module has also made it simpler to show progress and track performance at Plum Market, while the LFL report and insights for changing facings have proved helpful. What’s more, the user-friendly mobile app allows employees to use the program with minimal training, reducing human error, facilitating the completion of tasks more efficiently and ensuring planogram compliance across the chain.

In the future, the software’s ability to optimize planograms based on collected sales data in each store should unlock further productivity benefits, according to Leafio. With planogram generation automated, resources previously allocated to a task can be redirected to higher-value activities requiring human creativity and problem-solving skills. The Leafio Shelf Efficiency solution can automatically generate planograms and optimize them based on sales and turnover, maximizing profit and improving the customer experience. Additionally, the macro space optimization feature offered by Leafio will enable Plum Market to digitize floor plans, monitor performance and optimize space planning.

Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Plum Market operates large- and small-format locations in Ann Arbor, Bloomfield, Dearborn, Detroit, West Bloomfield, Mich., Dallas; Cleveland, Ohio; Indianapolis; Oakland, Calif.; and Aventura, Fla., with a location coming soon to Washington, D.C.

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