Online Grocery Shopping Is a Permanent Part of the Mix: Survey

Inmar Intelligence research also points to growing use of mobile devices and apps
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Online Grocery Shopping Is a Permanent Part of the Mix: Survey
Inmar Intelligence polled shoppers and found that pandemic behaviors are no fad.

Consumers may be more physically mobile with the return to typical on-the-go lifestyles, but they are sticking with some of their digitally mobile shopping habits that they picked up during the pandemic. A new survey from technology-enabled services company Inmar Intelligence affirms the shift in shopping behaviors.

It’s actually more of a spread than shift, as people have grown accustomed to having choices when buying groceries. According to Inmar’s latest survey, shoppers are spending their food dollars in different ways across brick-and-mortar and online stores.

For example, the survey found that 28% of shoppers said they would not return to in-store shopping once vaccines were widely available, because online grocery shopping is easier. A nearly equal percentage of respondents – 27% – said they may choose the hybrid of both online and in-store buying.

The survey also highlighted the growing reliance on mobile shopping. About a quarter of shoppers said they do 75% of their shopping via a mobile device or app. Moreover, 20% said they do 100% of their grocery shopping using that platform.

That said, many people are still venturing out to do their grocery errands. Inmar’s research reveals that 39% of shoppers do 75% of their grocery shopping in store and only 19% only shopping online for all of their grocery needs.

The takeaway? The resumption of activity doesn’t mean an automatic return to previous modes of shopping.  

“It’s clear from these findings that grocery shopping online has taken the world by storm. After a year or so stuck inside, you’d think that shoppers would jump at the opportunity to get out, but the ease of use, time-efficiency, and wider product selection spanning beyond what their local supermarket provides, makes for a compelling service offering,” said Rob Weisberg, SVP, e-commerce technology and services at Winston-Salem, N.C. based Inmar Intelligence. “As shoppers navigate what it means to go ‘back-to-normal’, the new normal will represent a mix of in-store and digital shopping. This data from Inmar Intelligence highlights new opportunities for grocery retailers to utilize e-commerce platforms to fit the needs of their customers and their updated preferences for shopping.”

Amid these changes in behaviors, Inmar is launching a new e-commerce offering, Intelligent e-commerce, that recognizes shoppers both in-store and across all over their devices to personalize their experience. The white label solution can also be integrated into a retailer’s rewards program.

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