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NEW SpaceGrid® II On Bar System

Push product displays to new levels with the NEW SpaceGrid® II On Bar System. Made by the retail display experts at Retail Space Solutions, this system is changing the ways stores display by combining the value of two trusted merchandising systems to maximize vertical and horizontal space. 

Available in 16”, 18” and 20” lengths, with the SpaceGrid® II On Bar System, stores can maximize pack out while creating a unique, cascading display in frozen, refrigerated and snack sections. This new, durable pusher system can accommodate a range of product sizes from 3.6” to 10.9” without installing a grid. Grocers can even reuse the existing Magna-Bar for additional cost-savings. Using an easy-to-install bar and bracket, SpaceGrid® II On Bar can ensure products remain organized and aesthetically pleasing with minimal staff intervention.

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