Mowi Pure Norwegian Salmon to Launch in U.S.

Bridget Goldschmidt
Managing Editor
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Mowi Pure Norwegian Salmon to Launch in U.S.
Global Norwegian salmon brand Mowi Pure will launch on Amazon Fresh, with a rollout to retail stores across the United States scheduled for later this year

Aquaculture company Mowi will officially launch its global Norwegian salmon brand, Mowi Pure, on March 15 via Amazon Fresh. Later this year, the fresh, never frozen product, which will be processed and packed in the United States for global distribution, is scheduled to roll out to retail stores nationwide.

“With MOWI Pure, we’re challenging the seafood status quo by making chef-quality salmon in unique, precision Japanese cuts available to everyone,” said Andreas Johler, managing director of brands at Mowi.

Mowi’s sustainably farmed salmon is a unique, proprietary breed that originated in wild Norwegian rivers and can be traced back for generations. The company produces its own feed, so the salmon are raised on a special diet, richer in marine ingredients than other feeds in the industry. This results in larger fish with higher levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to reduce heart disease, improve brain health and reduce inflammation. Further, the selection process adheres to the highest standards.

To promote the product, the company has teamed with 19 YouTube influencers in 2020 to create content featuring Mowi Pure. The video content will provide foodie tips, fun experiences and cooking ideas featuring the line’s unique “bistro cuts,” which include escallopino (often referred to as “minute steaks”) and saku (a Japanese-style “block” shape). Retail prices for the cuts will range from $9.99 to $18.99.

Also, through partnerships with selected chefs, various recipes and cooking techniques will be available via video, debuting on YouTube in April.

“We’ve found that many U.S. consumers are far more worried about cooking fish properly than they are when preparing other proteins," observed Diana Dumet, director of marketing for consumer products at Mowi Americas. “With our long history in the industry, we believe we’re in a position to do more than just bring the best salmon in the world to the supermarket. We can bring it into their kitchens and onto their tables. Using the power of marketing, we want to educate consumers, teaching them how to cook and enjoy salmon so it’s ultimately more approachable.”

Moreover, through the inclusion of QR codes on the packaging, Mowi Pure will enable consumers to find out more about the specific salmon they buy. The traceability platform will help answer questions such as origin, freshness, cooking guides, recipes and the nutritional content of the product.

Initially launching with the fresh, never frozen product line, the brand will expand later this year with a smoked product line.  

The world’s largest supplier of Atlantic salmon, Bergen, Norway-based Mowi has operations in 25 countries and more than 14,000 employees.