La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays

La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays

Fratelli Beretta,which bills itself as the longest-standing family-owned business in the Italian charcuterie tradition, has introduced La Dolce Vita Entertainment Trays. A popular Italian saying (and Fellini movie title) that encapsulates the art of loving and enjoying the simple things, “la dolce vita,” or “the sweet life,” is a concept at the heart of the company’s values. The signature platters bring Italian flair to any meal or gathering, either as a sought-after party gift or go-to refrigerator stocker for the savvy host or hostess. The line consists of four 12-ounce assortments: an Aperitivo Platter with prosciutto, soppressata, dry sausage, roasted almonds, mixed pitted green olives and mild provolone, a Roll & Go Platter with prosciutto and mozzarella, soppressata and mozzarella, milano and mozzarella, toasted almonds, mixed pitted green olives, and breadsticks; an Artisan Charcuterie Tray with soppressata, hot soppressata, black pitted olives, artisanal flatbread, provolone cubed cheese, pepperjack cubed cheese; and a Artisan Charcuterie Platter with Italian dry salami, hot soppressata, chorizo, asiago cubed cheese, provolone cubed cheese and pepperjack cubed cheese. The suggested retail price for Aperitivo and Roll & Go is $14.99, while the Artisan Tray and Artisan Platter go for a suggested $13.99.


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