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Kopke Fruit Expands Westward With 2 Acquisitions

Strategic moves ensure distributor's continued growth
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
William H. Kopke Jr. Inc. has expanded westward, acquiring Safco of America and R B Sandrini Cold Storage.

William H. Kopke Jr. Inc., a fresh fruit distributor based in Port Washington, N.Y., has acquired R B Sandrini Cold Storage operations in Delano, Calif., and Safco of America operations in Visalia, Calif. These strategic moves mark a significant milestone in Kopke's ongoing efforts to enhance its position in the business, with a focus on expanding its operational capabilities on the West Coast.

Safco of America is an importer, exporter and distributor of grapes, citrus and cherries, with a supply in excess of 2,500,000 boxes of fruit per year. Safco will complement Kopke’s efforts to enhance its product line and reach across North America.

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Mike Shuklian, who will continue to lead Safco of America, said: “I have known the Kopke family for years, and we are excited to be working together on new and existing projects. Our business is ripe for growth, and with the Kopke network, we see so much potential.” 

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The newly acquired R B Sandrini facility will be converted into a state-of-the-art refrigerated distribution center and rebranded as KDC West (Kopke Distribution Center). The investment represents one of many initial steps to solidify Kopke’s presence in the region. 

By transforming the infrastructure, Kopke aims to expand its footprint, increase packing flexibility and enhance its added-value product line. Moreover, Kopke will use this operation as a springboard toward its California grape and citrus expansion plans.

“We are committed to expanding our position in the domestic grape and citrus business, offering a comprehensive year-round solution to our partners,” noted William Kopke, of William H. Kopke Jr. Inc. 

For more than 87 years, four generations of the Kopke family have carried on the tradition of bringing a diverse selection of fruit to consumers all over North America and beyond. 

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