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Jupiter Debuts Content Creator-1st Recipe and Grocery Shopping Platform

Digital storefronts enable monetization of recipes, higher earnings from brand relationships, complete control of communities
Jupiter Storefront Molly Baz Main Image
Using Jupiter, creators like Molly Baz can integrate social and web content into curated, branded and shoppable recipe stores, where home cooks can browse, shop individual recipes, manage grocery lists and receive same-day grocery deliveries.

Recipe and grocery shopping platform Jupiter has rolled out 60-plus individual content creator storefronts, including food editor and recipe developer Molly Baz. Using the platform, creators can seamlessly integrate their social and web content into curated, branded and shoppable recipe stores, where home cooks can browse, shop individual recipes for ingredients, manage grocery lists and receive same-day grocery deliveries, all from individual storefronts from each food creator. 

Available nationwide, Jupiter offers opportunity, monetization, and brand control and ownership for food creators, who can now do the following:

  • Receive direct compensation from groceries shopped through their recipes.
  • Build ongoing relationships with brands that were previously limited to one-off posts and sponsored content.
  • Launch recipe storefronts integrated with Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and other social media platforms, where followers can shop recipes and brand products directly.
  • Open up various revenue streams where every recipe is an opportunity to get paid without needing direct followers, unlike individual subscription models.  

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We believe the future of grocery shopping will be centered around creators, dedicated to building food experiences, as we see the market being more decentralized and experience-oriented,” noted Chad Munroe, co-founder and CEO of Stanford, Calif.-based Jupiter. “Today, 85% of consumers use social media as part of the shopping process, but the creators behind those recipes you’re shopping from are not compensated directly. Jupiter is the place where creators host individual-curated storefronts that their followers can shop from, as well as a place where brands can reach consumers in turn, earning the creators the money they deserve for their hard work.” 

Under the current model, food content creators must also do sales on the side to secure one-off brand sponsorship deals. These sponsorships require them to create more content that doesn’t always feel authentic. With Jupiter, every time someone shops a recipe, the creator earns income, so creators can now focus on creating good food.

Jupiter also enables home cooks to follow recipes from their favorite creators, easily find new creators to follow, and shop for weekly grocery items, leveraging the intelligent platform to populate their shopping cart, on a single platform. 

In May 2021, Jupiter launched community-based shopping, which it described as one of the first grocery social shopping experiences in the industry. At that time, the platform featured popular food influencers and recipe creators, social sharing, and more than 2,000 recipes, allowing users to quickly browse recipes, plan meals and, with a single click, add recipe ingredients to their shopping carts. Last November, the company expanded its service across California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington after a successful pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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