Hickory Nut Gap Vital Blend

Hickory Nut Gap Vital Blend Main Image

Family-owned farming operation Hickory Nut Gap has launched Vital Blend, a nutrient-dense custom blend of regeneratively raised 100% grass-fed ground beef, liver and heart that offers more than 20% more protein per serving – compared with its existing 80/20 blend – to meet the needs of keto, Paleo and carnivore diets. Vital Blend offers an easy way for families to enjoy the health benefits of liver and heart, which are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, among them iron and vitamins A and C. The addition of these organ meats results in a rich, satisfying  flavor. Available in 1-pound frozen Cryovac packaging with a 12-month shelf life, Vital Blend retails for a suggested $9.99.

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