Here’s How The First COVID-19 Christmas Will Be Different

Here’s How The First COVID-19 Christmas Will Be Different

Promotional prices on turkeys and hams could be sharper than normal this year as retailers who made pre-COVID-19 purchase commitments on those items see reduced demand due to altered holiday plans.

Nearly six in 10 Americans picture themselves celebrating the holidays differently this year due to the ongoing pandemic, according to exclusive research into key protein categories conducted by Progressive Grocer.

“Among those that expect the holidays to be different, staying closer to home and limiting gatherings to immediate or close friends and family are what come to mind for most,” said Beth Brickel, senior research director with the Insights & Innovation Group at EnsembleIQ, parent company of Progressive Grocer. “Additionally, other frequently mentioned changes include less cooking and baking, more or exclusive reliance on online shopping, dinners or presents via Zoom/FaceTime and trying to conserve budgets due to job loss. Generally, these predictions are tinged with a tone that speaks of disappointment, but also acceptance.”

Brickel’s team surveyed 1,081 people who are their household’s primary or shared decision-maker for food shopping, meal planning and cooking. Respondents were 70% female and 30% male. The altered holiday plans and reduced size of gatherings means large turkeys and fat hams often featured in retailer’s promotions will be appearing on fewer tables while other protein types and cuts suitable for smaller gatherings gain favor.

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