Gorton’s Air Fried Products

Gorton's Air Fried Butterfly Shrimp and Fish Fillets Main Image

Frozen prepared seafood producerGorton’s Seafood has now launched Air Fried Fish Fillets and Air Fried Butterfly Shrimp. Available nationwide, the brand’s Air Fried products combine the fresh taste of seafood with a light, crispy breading that has 50% less fat than that of comparable brands. Featuring lightly seasoned panko breadcrumbs and 100% whole wild-caught Alaska pollock fillets or tender butterfly shrimp, the products are fried with hot air, instead of oil, through Gorton’s proprietary process. The Air Fried Fillets come in a 15.2-ounce bag retailing for a suggested $8.99, while the Air Fried Butterfly Shrimp retails for a suggested $8.99 per 9-ounce bag. Product packaging features both oven and air fryer instructions, giving consumers the choice of which cooking method they prefer. 




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