Fromager d’Affinois Crispy Brie Bites

Fromager d’Affinois Crispy Brie Bites

From famed French brand, Fromager d’Affinois, gourmet Crispy Brie Bites consist of a creamy, brie-filled inside and a toasted outside. The easy-to-prepare snack is ripened over nine days, giving it a mild, buttery flavor, with a sweetness that pairs well with red wine and fresh fruit. Consumers can place the product on a cheese board for texture and warmth, use it as a salad topper for an extra dose of luxury, or add it to a sandwich for a crunchy, creamy bite. Fromager d’Affinois Brie is crafted in the heart of France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. A four-count 4.94-ounce package of Creamy Brie Bites retails for a suggested $9.99.


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