Eggland's Best Snack Packs

Snacking is more popular than ever and an increasing part of every busy person's day. In response, Eggland's Best has stepped forward with four new snack-pack varieties, including Bacon and Cheddar Cheese (3.1-ounce, 20 grams of protein), with cooked bacon, mild cheddar and a hard-cooked egg; Olives and Feta (3.5-ounce, 10 grams of protein), with Kalamata-style olives, feta cheese and a hard-cooked egg; Salame and Provolone (3.3-ounce, 17 grams of protein), with sliced Genoa salame, cubed provolone cheese and a hard-cooked egg; and Chocolate Covered Almonds and Cheddar (3.4-ounce, 14 grams of protein), with chocolate-covered almonds, sharp white cheddar cheese and a hard-cooked egg. Each of the new refrigerated snack sets comes with its own packets of salt and pepper, and retails for a suggested $3.29.

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