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Duck Egg Demand Growing Fast — Meet Utopihen Farms

According to Poultry World, demand for duck eggs is booming. Especially among foodies, home cooks, bakers, Keto/Paleo dieters and fitness enthusiasts. Here’s why consumers and dairy managers are going crazy for Utopihen Farms Pasture Raised Duck Eggs:

  • More Omega-3 fatty acids make duck egg yolks creamier and sweets richer
  • Higher levels of protein in duck eggs give cakes more loft and meringues more volume and stability
  • Duck eggs have a larger yolk to white ratio, so people who love yolks love duck eggs
  • Harder shells mean longer shelf life, less breakage and less waste

Utopihen Farms’ Pasture Raised Duck Eggs are just one part of our larger mission to create a better world which also includes practicing sustainable farming, supporting family farms and treating animals humanely. That’s why we give our ducks the highest level of care, with space to spread their wings, snack on grass and enjoy days in the sun. We also give our ducks only non-GMO feed, so their eggs are non-GMO too, and packed in planet-friendly, biodegradable and compostable cartons. Learn more about our Pasture Raised Duck Eggs and join us on the journey to better our world.