Deep Indian Kitchen Kati Street Wraps

Frozen product inspired by street food experience
Deep Indian Kitchen Kati Street Wraps Main Image

Restaurant-quality frozen food brand Deep Indian Kitchen has rolled out nationally its first handheld product line, Kati Street Wraps. The item brings the flavor, texture and crunch of an Indian street food experience to homes across the United States in a grab-and-go format requiring only two minutes in the microwave. Unlike many single-serve frozen burritos and wraps, which can become mushy after microwaving, Kati Street Wraps offer a unique toasted texture and a vibrant, rich flavor experience, according to the brand. The wraps are the first to be made with handmade paratha (Indian bread) that crisps in the microwave in an included crisping sleeve, and, while most burritos and wraps feature rice and beans as fillers, Kati Street Wraps are filled with the following classic Indian fare: Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Spinach Paneer, Chicken Curry, and Potato & Pea Samosa. A 5-ounce wrap of any variety retails for a suggested $4.39 exclusively at Sprouts Farmers Market, with launches at additional retailers coming soon.


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