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Jenny McTaggart is a contributing editor at Progressive Grocer.



What's Cool in Back-to-School Products

A few standout promotions ideal for supermarkets to feature as class gets back in session

Retailers Prepare for Back-to-School Season

Food retailers that incorporate time savings, good deals and community outreach in their back-to-school promotions will earn an A+ from shoppers

Keto-Friendly and Functional Items Dominate Bread Category

Major brands are answering the call for more health-focused offerings in bread aisle and bakery

Benefiting From the Halo Effect of Natural and Organic Products

Even during times of inflation, grocers should think about how they can further implement these items into their merchandising plans

How Supermarkets Can Capitalize on Increased Bakery Sales

Retailers should elevate their bakery offerings to include international flavors and recipes to create new excitement in perimeter

Engaging With Suppliers to Reduce Emissions

How grocers can help make positive impact on environment

Grocers Focus More on Responsible Sourcing, Vertical Farms

Efforts include boosting locally and sustainably produced food and requiring stricter environmental standards from suppliers

Grocery's Sustainability Scorecard: The Eco-Friendliest Moves

With various retailers making significant progress toward a net-zero future, PG looks at their top sustainability initiatives planned for next several years

Going Private: How to Succeed in Store-Brand Sector

To leverage growth opportunities in private brands, retailers must be more strategic in their thinking — especially as competition from multiple channels heats up

100 Iconic Brands That Changed Grocery

In celebration of our centennial, Progressive Grocer quantifies some of the best and boldest brands of the past 100 years, from A to Z