AdAdapted Launches Mobile Shopping List and Digital Cart Ad Solution

On-demand platform developed to help retailers and CPGs get products into baskets
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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AdAdapted has expanded its platform to include a new solution for retailers and brands to create and target ads to shoppers making their list.

Shopping list marketing and insights platform AdAdapted is helping retailers and brands get right to their consumers with a new on-demand mobile shopping list and digital cart advertising solution called AdAdapted Direct. Through this solution, targeted mobile ads are delivered to millions of users of the platform’s existing shopping list app.

The self-serve solution allows grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) users to develop creative content, choose the ad type, and target and track the campaign performance among verified primary household shoppers. Retailers and companies can use their own branding and product assets or opt for one of the creative templates provided in the intuitive dashboard. The ability to run “always-on” ads is also available, and performance can be boosted on the fly. Simple signup and activation are available on the company website.

By using the platform, retailers and CPGs can control their own marketing strategies during both the crucial pre-planning stages and in-store at the point of sale to reach shoppers at the right place and time to influence actual purchase behavior, the developers say.

“Brands and retailers looking for highly effective advertising tools and a differentiated audience are often stumped to find tools that fit their company needs,” said Joshua Sukenic, VP and general manager for AdAdapted Direct. “AdAdapted Direct empowers brands to run campaigns that fit their budget while providing control, flexibility, and agility. We get brands in front of consumers closer to the point of purchase.”

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