Convenience Driving Both In-Store and Online Grocery Habits, Research Reveals

Survey from ACI Worldwide and underscores the importance of an easy experience
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Convenience Driving Both In-Store and Online Grocery Habits, Research Reveals
ACI Worldwide and recently polled consumers about their grocery shopping habits.

New consumer research shows that consumers are sticking to some familiar habits while exploring others when shopping for groceries. According to a survey conducted by digital payment software and solutions provider ACI Worldwide and, an overwhelming majority of consumers – 94% – say they shop at physical stores at least some of the time and 34% report buying at least some of their groceries online.

When they are in a grocery store, shoppers appreciate various aspects of convenience. More than half (56%) of consumers would consider switching grocery stores if a location offered additional products and services such as apparel or home improvement items. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed said that loyalty program incentives impact their choice of retailers, and about half indicate they would be “very” or “extremely” interested in contactless credit/debit cards and digital wallets as a way to expedite their shopping experience.

“The survey suggests a potential lack of knowledge around contactless terminals that may be leading to low adoption of contactless payments,” said Debbie Guerra, EVP for Naples, Fla.-based ACI Worldwide. “This presents a significant opportunity for grocery stores to educate consumers on in-store contactless payment options.”

The recent survey also notes that while most consumers still visit brick and mortar locations, convenience is driving them to continue the digital habits they picked up during the pandemic. More than three fourths (76%) of shoppers say they are attracted to digital shopping because of convenience compared to 59% who are limiting in-person visits because of concerns about exposure to COVID-19. Nearly a quarter of shoppers say they use the convenient service of home delivery and 20% use curbside pickup.

“While the pandemic drove an undeniable shift to digital shopping, it’s clear that consumers are more likely to continue to use these methods due to their ease and convenience than for the safety reasons that initially led them there,” Guerra added.

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