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Yoi Probiotic Nut & Seedmilks

Tangy plant-based beverage line founded by 2 dairy industry vets
Yoi Probiotic Nut & Seedmilks

Recently launched plant-based food and beverage company Yoi (“good” in Japanese) has brought out one-of-a-kind Probiotic Nut & Seedmilks, tart, subtly flavored beverages crafted in small batches from such simple organic ingredients as almonds, coconut and pumpkin seeds, with zero grams of added sugar. Company co-founders Ellie Wells and Tosh Nakagawa, both dairy industry vets, were inspired by the ancient art of Japanese fermentation and the concept of ikigai, which Nakagawa described as “‘your reason for being,’ or what gets you out of bed in the morning.” Seeing the opportunity in plant-based products, they decided to bring their knowledge and experience in cultured dairy foods to an emerging category. A 10-ounce bottle of  Yoi Probiotic Nut & Seedmilks in Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Pineapple and Cacao Nib flavors retails for a suggested $4.99, while a large 23-ounce bottle in Plain Unsweetened and Vanilla Bean flavors goes for a suggested $8.99.


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